Universal Mini Bluetooth Audio Receiver/Transmitter

Universal Mini Bluetooth Audio Receiver/Transmitter

SKU: BluetoothRxTx01

Have you ever wanted to make your old stereo speaker, car speaker or other electronics devices to play music without hassle of connecting it every damn. Well look no more, with this small device, now you can transmit or receive Bluetooth for any electronics. Simply insert the device and connect it Bluetooth, wallah there you have it. Now you hear you music, podcast, GPS signal etc...

  • Product Info


    Working voltage: 4V
    Wireless distance: 10m
    Voice Prompt: support
    Chinese and English: support (default English)
    Material: plastic
    Size: 58x15x14mm
    Colour: black, white, blue, red, green


    Package included:

    1 x Wireless Bluetooth Receiver
    1 x Adapter
    1 x Charging cable

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