Gold & Silver Letter/Number Foil Balloons

Gold & Silver Letter/Number Foil Balloons


Your next celebration will have the spell of success with this Super Letter Shape Balloon. It's perfect to use by itself, or you can team it with other letters to spell out anything you like. Great for birthdays, weddings, engagements and loads of other special occasions, this gorgeous Gold/Silver letter is sure to make a statement! Fill it with air for a classic look, or use helium to make it float.

  • Product Info

    Size: 16"/40cm

    Colour: Silver or Gold

    Material: Foil

    Price: Will be round to the closest highest options

    Avoid heat or sharp objects

    Fill balloons to 90-95% full not 100%

    Balloons come creased but smooth out when inflated

    Can't be inflated manually, requires a straw, pump or tank to inflate

    Letter "O" looks like letter "C" before being filled up. Number "8" looks like letter "S" before being filled up.


    Please select the colour, the number of balloons and type letter/number combination you would like to have.


    For example, HAPPY BIRTHDAY.. Select the colour first Silver or Gold, 13 letters/numbers combination so choose 15(round to the closest highest options), then type your message 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY' and final add to cart.


    We will organize your order with the quickest shipment and make sure that the balloons will join your occasion on time.


    Package Includes:

    1 X Foil Balloon (All balloons are sold deflated)


    Please Note:

    1) Balloons Do Not Float if filled with Helium!

    2) Colour may vary slightly to photo

    3) There is 1% defect rate on this product, please contact us immediately if you received a defective one so that we can arrange the replacement as soon as possible.


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